Upgrading images by finishing them to Kleurgamma's high standards begins with a personal and professional advice.


To Mount, protect enhance and frame is the specialisation of craftsmen. This is where pictures are blown up and mounted on to dibond panels, banners and even whole walls.

The enhancements applied to images at kleurgamma is done to the highest Kleurgamma standard and the end result is always reached in cooperation with the client and their wishes.

We always look for the best solution


Printed images can be mounted on a range op different materials like dibond or polystyrene so that it can be framed in a variety of frames or hung on its own with a custom wall mounting system. The print can also be protected with a high quality satin foil, so that if a fingerprint gets on the print its a mater of wipping it of, the longevity of the print is also greatly enhanced by this foil and it looks great to.


Dibond is the most durable material to have your pictures mounted to. It consists of two layers of aluminum with a layer of durable plastic in between to keep the weight down. A great characteristic of this material is its rigidity which makes sure the picture mounted won’t bend. we can mount your images on two, three and four millimetres thick dibond.


polystyrene is a hard plastic with a smooth surface which makes it perfect for mounting a picture that has to be framed so that it stays perfectly flat or for temporary exhibits. Because of the flexible nature of the product we do not recommend it for larger foto’s for those it is better to revert to dibond.


An especially wonderfulp fininsh is ‘Diasec’ a patented method of encapsulating a picture between a sheet of plexiglass and a mounting plate of dibond. because of this process the light is defused like a framed picture. We can provide a custom aluminum frame so that the picture can be mounted on a wall.

Liquid Gloss

Liquid Gloss is a epoxy layer that is poured on a high quality print mounted on three millimeter dibond that gives the print punchy contrast an organic feel and a durabel finish. We can also use this Liquid Gloss on a mounted canvas print which has the added benefit of the picture edges going around the frame.


ChromaLuxe is de nieuwste techniek op het gebied van foto en kunstverwerking. Het resultaat is een foto op aluminium, waarbij de diepe zwarting en de verzadigde kleuren elke verwachting overtreft. Het oppervlak is tevens in hoge mate kras- en vocht bestendig. Tezamen met archival inkten van Epson ontstaat er een bijzonder duurzaam work of art.

ChromaLuxe is een foto geprint op aluminium door middel van dye-sublimation. Het product staat voor helderheid en levendigheid van foto’s op gedrukte materialen. De inkt wordt door middel van sublimatie toegediend in de gecoate toplaag van aluminium of MDF. De inkt wordt bij een hoge temperatuur en onder hoge druk overgebracht in de coating.

Resultaat is prachtige foto op dun aluminium  in hoogglans of satijn.

De maximale breedte is 100 x 105cm.



A tried and tested method of showing and protecting your photographs is framing them, we offer a myriad of different frames, ranging from contemporary box frames to the most classic models. We offer standard frames as well as custom sizes. For specialised frames or information just drop by so that we can show you what we have to offer.


If you need an image printed on high quality canvas or vinyl you can count on Kleurgamma, from small to large sizes. The final product is mounted on a stretcher ranging in thickness from two to four and a half centimeters. Prints can be mounted so that the picture continues around the edges.