Corné Quartel

In addition to his work in the Faculty of Industrial Design at the T.U. Delft, for the last decade Corné Quartel has connected the visual process with social and existential issues. He has exhibited in The Royal Palace (The Royal award for painting), Gallery Donkersloot and Museum De Fundatie, amongst others. In his Amsterdam studio in the Jordaan district, he is exploring new ways to combine abstraction with metaphysical concepts by means of installations, photography and painting. Because he sees ethics as a form of beauty, he has also been actively involved for over 20 years in a foundation that is rooting for a sustainable economy based on human and spiritual values. Reflecting on today's challenges, individually and globally, he wants to relate to the lightness of being. Represented here is his more abstract work – fine art reproductions of his large scale paintings that are meant to resonate inwardly and uplift.