Jaya Pelupessy

Jaya Pelupessy studied Photography at the HKU. After graduating with honors, Pelupessy won the Steenbergen Stipendium 2013. He uses photography to investigate the medium’s status. Central to his work are the processes that lead to autonomous images; an examination of to what extent the process itself and the visibility of that process strengthens, invalidates, or delivers new autonomous images. Countless “loops” within his own work emerge, within which reproductions are again reproduced. The work ‘Traces of the Familiar’ was presented in Foam and CO Berlin. His photobook SET-PUT-RUN, published by Fw:Books was mentioned as one of the Best Photobooks 2016 by the Volkskrant. Works by Jaya Pelupessy can be found in the collections of Foam, Steenbergen, Het Nederlands Fotomuseum and in various private collections. His project The Studio Sculptures was part of Foam Talent 2019 and he was recently awarded with the K.F. Hein Stipendium 2020.